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Points Standings     End of Year Prizes

Championship Points Standings

2017 Standings
Male - Run Male Walk
Female - Run Female Walk

If you have any questions on Points Standings please emai

***Please sign up for all events under the same name throughout the year, this allows for easier points figuring***
Example: John Smith, Johnny Smith, John R. Smith (using one name all year will assure better points accuracy)

2017 Bonus Points

Finish BIGGEST (most finishers) Race of each month and get 4 extra points!
Tip: Months where there is one race, this should be easy to figure out. But when there is several races in one month, it will not be so easy to figure out! NO HINTS will be given on how many registered for any race on the Race Series.

Finish 20 races on the Race Series in 2017!

Finish 25 races on the Race Series in 2017!

Finish 30 races on the Race Series in 2017!

Championship Series
Running Age Groups
Points System
  • The Race Series will hand out the Championship Series awards at the Year End Awards Ceremony, which will be at 10:30am following the All Star 5K Awards at the Clarion Hotel in Columbus, IN on 12/09/17
  • To be eligible for Championship Series awards you MUST complete atleast 10 of the events on the Race Series.
  • Top 15 Scoring events count towards your points total and ALL bonus points count no matter what!
  • Tie-breaker = Most Events Completed
  • 2nd Tie-breaker = Head to Head Win-Loss
  • 3rd Tie-breaker = Head to Head Avg. Win Difference
  • Running Overall Champion Trophies go to the overall Top 3 Male & Top 3 Female in the Running Race Series Points Standings.
  • Running Age Group Trophies will be awarded to the Top 3 in each running age group (overall champions are not eligible for age group category).
  • Walking Overall Champion Trophies go to the overall Top 10 Male & Top 10 Female in the Walking Race Series Points Standings.
  • All year long the Race Series uses the following age groups to allocate points.
  • Individual races MAY NOT choose to use the same age groups for their race day awards. See each events race brochure for details.
  • The Race Series assigns a participant's age group based upon his or her age on June 30 of the scheduled year.
11 & Under
35 to 39
12 to 14
40 to 44
15 to 19
45 to 49
20 to 24
50 to 54
25 to 29
55 to 59
30 to 34 60 & Over
  • The Championship Series automatically tracks your points whenever you participate in a Race Series event. You do not need to do anything but participate to acquire points.
  • If you finish in the Top 6 of a running event than you are not eligible to receive age group points as well.

Running Points System
Top 6 Overall Top 3 Age Group
1st Place
10 points
1st Place
4 points
2nd Place
9 points
2nd Place
3 points
3rd Place
8 points
3rd Place
2 points
4th Place
7 points

5th Place
6 points

6th Place
5 points

Finish Event = 1 point

Walking Points System
Top 10 Overall Male & Female
20 points, 18 points, 16 points, 14 points, 12 points,
10 points, 8 points, 6 points, 4 points, 2 points
Finish Event = 1 Point

Points Example: Edwardo, Chris, Ben, Tom and Nathan all ran a race and finished in that order. Edwardo is 33, Chris is 31, Ben is 34, Tom is 35, and Nathan is 39...and all finished 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th overall in the race. For the individual race the age group was 30-39...therefor Edwardo placed 1st, Chris placed 2nd, Ben placed 3rd, Tom was 4th, and Nathan was 5th in the individual race age group.

For the Race Series, Edwardo would get 5 points for finishing 6th overall in the race, so then Chris and Ben would be placed in the 30-34 age group and Tom and Nathan would be placed in the 35-39 age group. Because Edwardo placed in the top 6 overall, he DOES NOT get age group points, so then Chris and Ben would get bumped up one spot each and get 4 points and 3 points for the 30-34 Race Series age group and Tom and Nathan would get 4 points and 3 points for the 35-39 Race Series age group.

The reason behind figuring the Race Series points this way is so that you, the race series participants, are racing the same people in your 5 year age group all year long. Basing the points off of the same age group consistently throughout the year makes the points fair no matter what race you run or what age groups are used for that individual race.

2016 Final Points Standings
Male - Run    Male - WalkFemale - Run    Female - Walk

2015 Final Points Standings
Male - Run    Male - Walk Female - Run    Female - Walk

2014 Final Points Standings
Male - Run    Male - Walk Female - Run    Female - Walk

2013 Final Points Standings
Male - Run    Male - Walk Female - Run    Female - Walk

2012 Final Points Standings
Male - Run    Male - Walk Female - Run    Female - Walk

2011 Final Points Standings
Male Female

2010 Final Points Standings
Male - Run    Male - WalkFemale - Run    Female - Walk